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Back in November 2021, Netflix announced that it would launch a new addition to its mobile app – a gaming section. While the service only started out with a few titles, it has been expanding over time. So what does Netflix’s gaming section have to offer in terms of Android games?

Where can I find Netflix games for Android?

The popular streaming service made it pretty easy to access any of the games it has to offer to subscribers. All of the games available on Netflix for Android and iOS are available right in the Netflix app, under a section labeled Games. You’ll need to click the link for each game in-app in order to download and play them with your Netflix subscription info.

Alternatively, you can follow the Google Play Store link for each game listed below. As long as you’re logged into the Netflix app on your phone, the game should recognize your credentials and let you start playing immediately.

Which Android games can I play on Netflix?

As mentioned, the list is a little sparse currently, but it is still growing. Fortunately, Netflix offers a diverse portfolio of games, making it easy to find something you might enjoy. Here’s the selection of Netflix games available on Android and iOS currently.

NEW Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna is a gorgeously made pixel-art dungeon-crawler that has you playing as Luna. Luna wakes up alone on an island and needs to dive deep down in order to complete trials and unlock mysteries. What makes the game so intriguing – and harrowing – is that there’s no way to jump. The deeper you go, the deeper you stay.

You can move Luna left and right by scrolling, but don’t expect to be able to make your way back out. Lucky Luna is available to play now from the Google Play Store on Android devices with a current Netflix subscription.

Into the Breach

From the makers of FTL: Faster Than Light, Into the Breach is an immaculately well-done strategy game that has you crossing some seriously dangerous terrain filled with enemies and obstacles. While this may seem like an ordinary 2D puzzle game, it takes a lot of skill and strategy to work your way through each level. This sort of game is something the developers are very good at, and it shows.

Both Android and iOS will be able to take advantage of the mobile version of this title, bringing this dystopian masterpiece to more people; especially considering the wonderful lack of ads and microtransactions. Into the Breach is currently available on the Google Play Store.

Exploding Kittens

You’ve heard of Exploding Kittens before. It’s a rage-inducing card game that might make you hate your friends. Now, that card game has a digital counterpart as one of the newest games to be part of Netflix’s game set. This version you can play on mobile gives you the same opportunity to go up against friends and dual with the funniest and…

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