Xgimi Aura proves UST projectors don’t have to be pricey


Ultra-short-throw projectors are becoming the norm, slowly but surely. Unfortunately, the price tags usually keep people away. The Xgimi Aura changes that up a bit, making a point towards well-performing short-throw projectors under $3,000.

A massive picture from a small unit

There is a reason UST (Ultra Short Throw) projectors are becoming increasingly popular. With a UST projector, you get an exponentially larger screen size than you’d be able to with a mainstream TV. For instance, the Xgimi Aura can display a picture size of up to 120″, which is phenomenal. Finding a TV that size would not only be expensive but lend itself to a very heavy unit.

In comparison to traditional projectors, UST or Laser TVs are built to throw an image onto your wall or screen at a very sharp angle. In essence, that means you can set your projector up right under your screen and not very far from the wall. This eliminates the need to mount your unit to a ceiling or even place it behind you where anyone walking past can obstruct the picture.

The Xgimi Aura carries a throw ratio of 0.233:1, which means a 120″ image will require the projector to sit almost 12″ from the wall and 16.5″ below the bottom of the screen. Now, this isn’t a massive deal if you plan on projecting it onto your wall, though there are a few things to keep in mind.

UST projectors are special in the sense that they throw projections up at a sharp angle. Becuase of that, there are screens that take light from an acute lower angle and reflect it right back at you, catching the image and getting you the best possible picture and visual quality. Those are called “ALR” screens, and they have a second benefit. Because they are meant to catch light from below, ALR screens are great at rejecting ambient light, hence “Ambient Light Rejection.” There are several tiers of ALR screens out there, but finding one that isn’t too pricey can exponentially enhance your viewing experience, especially if… Source 9to5google.com

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