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The twelve battles over the Isonzo river, during the First World War, saw some of the most intense high-altitude combat ever seen in human history… and now you can experience it yourself with our Italian WW1 FPS Isonzo!!

Isonzo is out now for Xbox One and Xbox Series XIS! The underrepresented theatre of the First World War offers 40 player battles where you either fight for the Kingdom of Italy or the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Every map is based on a historical offensive with dynamic battles where one side will be attacking and the other will be defending,

Our release trailer shows off the stunning Alpine landscapes and a pitched battle for Fort Corbin on the Asiago Plateau. It’s clear that Isonzo is something special!

trench shot

Historical Offensives

The Sixth Battle of the Isonzo features the dangerous river crossings, scaling Monte Sabotino, urban combat in the city of Gorizia, and more! The mappers and artists of the WW1 Game Series did an amazing job recreating these maps based on particular battles from history – all the locations in the trailer, for example, are based on the real battle for Monte Cengio.

Each Offensive is a historical battle, with one-to-three maps depending on how long the battle lasted or how much area it covered. Cengio is the first map in the Strafexpedition Offensive – a ‘punitive expedition’ intended by the Austro-Hungarians to punish the Italians for abandoning their pre-war agreement to join the Central Powers.

Extensive research was done to recreate key terrain features and make sure everything was accurately modelled – from the weapons and fortifications to the distinctive mountain vegetation and sharp rocks. Authenticity is pursued from a wide variety of sources such as period photos and maps to geographical data, museum visits, and war diaries.


Class System

In the third entry of the WW1 Game Series we introduced a new class system. Isonzo players now choose between six classes:  Officer, Engineer, Rifleman, Assault, Sniper and Mountaineer.

Each class has its own specific uniform based on historical units (like the Austro-Hungarian sniper), a distinct weapons, different equipment, and an important role to play.

For example, the Officers call in divisional resources and provide direction for the team. Additionally they can use the trench whistle to both set an order to players or to temporarily reduce the spawn wave timer to zero.

The Engineers can build barbed wire and put sandbags down for defence or advance through enemy lines by quickly demolishing obstacles on the attack.


With this new appearance comes also an extensive character customization system. The focus is on historical authenticity and an accurate depiction of the troops found on the front.

With a class type selected you will now have the option to choose a uniform variant attached to that class. For instance, the Italian Assault class can wear the uniform of the elite Arditi shock…

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