Windows 11 2022 Update: Making the Everyday Easier with Lenovo


The first major update to Windows 11 since launch last year. Microsoft has announced the Windows 11 2022 Update, with a renewed focus on “making the everyday easier.” With this new update, everything users love about Windows is now easier to use, sporting a cleaner new design and smarter features, more efficient ways to be effective along with increased performance and security. Here are some of the highlight features coming to Lenovo Windows devices1:

  • Making the Lenovo PC easier and safer to use for everyone
    • With a clean new design and easy navigation, everything is now easier to search and find. The new search functionality also lets users search the web and their Lenovo PC from one place.
    • Windows 11 makes it easy for anyone to use their Lenovo PC with new accessibility features. Users can now navigate using voice access, which lets them control their PC and write text with just their voice; hear spoken conversations with System Wide live captions on any form of audio content; or have text narrated to them via Natural Voices for Narrator, which more closely mirrors natural speech.
    • Windows 11 is the most secure version of Windows yet. And now with Smart App Control, users can confidently download any app they need without worry.
  • Empowering people to be more productive
    • Snap layouts are now more versatile with better touch navigation and the ability to snap multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge.
    • The new Focus sessions and Do Not Disturb minimize distractions as users focus on the task at hand. When a new focus session starts, Windows will turn on Do Not Disturb, which silences all notifications.
  • Making Windows an even better place to connect, create and play
    • The new Windows Studio camera and audio effects deploys advanced AI to help users to look and sound their best on conference calls via features such as Voice Focus, Background Blur, Eye Contact and Automatic Framing.
    • New creator tools such as Clipchamp makes video editing simple, with templates, effects and more.

For gamers, this new Windows update also features an Auto HDR calibration app that users can adjust lighting to exactly they like it.

In addition to these new security features, Windows 11 Pro is now putting a renewed focus on security for hybrid work. As the most secure Windows ever, Lenovo Windows 11 Pro devices delivers:

  • Security out-of-the-box, integrating hardware and software for powerful out-of-the-box protection;
  • Protection against evolving threats, with the latest advanced security features to shield valuable data and enable more secure hybrid work; and
  • Modern security management, streamlining security management and allowing businesses to deploy with confidence across diverse locations—including the cloud.

Lenovo has a deep bond and partnership with Microsoft that has spanned generations, and Lenovo is joining Microsoft once again in leading users into the age of hybrid work and living. In close collaboration with Microsoft, Lenovo has already rolled out this new update to Windows…

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