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Microsoft Windows 11 Update

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One thing not many people are talking about is Windows 11’s new environmentally-friendly features, specifically, the ability to be carbon-aware.

With the right data, Windows 11 can operate in a more environmentally responsible way, scheduling Windows updates at times when doing so might result in lower carbon emissions.

This doesn’t just work, though. First, the computer needs to be plugged in and connected to the Internet – a reasonable assumption. Secondly, it needs data from your power grid that describes current levels of regional carbon intensity. Smart grids do have this, though it may not be immediately clear if they are or can feed that info back to your home or office and for Windows 11 to use.

Still, we appreciate the effort in a world where the climate is changing fast and every little bit may count. At least we hope so.

That’s gonna do it for me and this Windows 11 Update live blog. Be sure to check out all of TechRadar’s coverage of the major update.

Microsoft's Eye Contact demo

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As this Windows 11 update rolls out, it pays to read the fine print on what’s supported “out of the box” and what might need that extra bit of hardware to make it so.

Windows Studios Effects, for instance, sounds like it could super-charge video meetings with AI-enhanced voice focus (cuts out all the background noise) and background blur to cut out the unmade bed behind you. Microsoft also mentions “Eye Contact” an AI-powered feature that makes it appear as if you are always looking at the camera – even when you’re not. 

The idea is that it will look to your video call recipient as if you are making intense eye contact with them. It’s a cool and slightly weird feature that I saw in action once, right after the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Pro X convertible laptop.

In fact, that was the only device that supported it at the time. Since then, there’s been more hardware support. That said, there’s no guarantee that your laptop’s camera and subsystem will support the feature. So, yes, be thrilled if it does, but not too disappointed if you can’t maintain artificial eye contact with your updated Windows 11 PC.

Windows 11 Snap layouts

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Hi there, TechRadar US Editor in Chief Lance Ulanoff here, picking up with Daryl Baxter left off.

There’s a lot to digest in this Windows 11 update, but I find myself focusing on the minutia.

For example, Microsoft says that the latest Windows offers enhancements to Snap layouts that should make you more productive. I often use these tools to manage as many as six windows across two screens but have found some of the controls less than intuitive. I’m hopeful that these updates will make them, as Microsoft promises, more versatile, but also easier to use.

However, what really intrigues me is the promise of Snap Layouts within the Microsoft Edge browser.

You see, I’m an “Edgey” (yes, I just made that up), which means I use Microsoft Edge…

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