What color Pixel 7 are you going to pick up? [Poll]


We’re sure many of you are eagerly awaiting the launch of brand-new Google hardware. The color lineup of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro series has now been fully showcased, which has us wondering just what option you are looking at picking up.

Until recently, only brief glimpses of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro colors were shared on or via official channels. Since announcing the October 6 launch event for a number of Google products including the smartphone duo and highly anticipated Pixel Watch, store pages are now live. While there is little in the way of specifications, there are some high-quality renders of the entire color lineup for the yet-to-be-released devices.

It seems like the device hue selection is set to be a little more muted this year than it has been in years gone by. The eye-catching Kinda Coral and Sorta Seafoam and Champagne gold Sorta Sunny have been ditched. Google is still offering a very light taste of the playful colors we’ve come to love the brand for. However, bright standout options are limited as this time around the most eye-catching color is the light yellow/green Lemongrass option for the regular Pixel 7.

Google is offering the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in a glossy black (Obsidian) and white (Snow). The Pixel 7 comes in the aforementioned exclusive “Lemongrass,” which looks like a light yellow/green, while the Pixel 7 Pro will come in “Hazel,” which is a gray/green.

What’s interesting is that the metal camera bar and frame will be tuned depending on white color Pixel 7 or 7 Pro you happen to choose. The Hazel and Lemongrass options have gold frames, while the Snow devices appear to have polished aluminum frames. Obsidian looks to have a pewter finish.

Has your head been turned by a specific color this time around? Let us know which you’re most interested in or planning on ordering come launch day via the survey below:

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