This weird $200 mug has Apple Find My support — y’know, just in case you lose your coffee | Laptop Mag


Apple Find My is a godsend for many absent-minded owners of iDevices, allowing users to tap into the FindMy network to find out where their iPhone, AirPods, or whatever they misplaced, is currently located. And now, you can enjoy this feature with your travel mug!

At CES 2023, Ember showcased it’s not-yet-released Travel Mug 2+ and boasted that it is poised to get Apple FindMy support. At first, it may seem preposterous to add FindMy support to a mug, but keep in mind that this is a travel mug, so it’s easy to leave it behind while you’re commuting from A to B.

Ember Travel Mug 2+

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