These time-saving apps can restore your workspace after shutting down your laptop


When you shut down your computer, all the apps you had open in your workspace disappear, and you have to start from scratch the next time you log in. Though most of us resort to putting our laptops to sleep, it’s not an ideal solution due to energy wastage — and it’s especially infuriating when you have to install a new software update. Fortunately, there are third-party programs that let you save and restore your desktop sessions in an instant.

Several programs for Mac and Windows 11 allow you to save the state of your workspace before you log off. This means when you restore it, your apps will be right back where you left them on your desktop. You can, therefore, resume your workflow without manually launching each app and positioning them on your screen. Here are the best apps to accomplish this on macOS and Windows 11.

How to save and restore workspaces on macOS


Your best option for managing Mac workflows is a straightforward app called Warp. With Warp, you can save your desktop sessions — the open windows and their locations on your screen at any moment — and restore them from your Mac’s menu bar.

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What’s even handier is that Warp enables you to build separate presets. For example, when you click your “Work” preset, it will automatically launch all your enterprise apps and place them in positions you prefer for multitasking. A “Research” preset might open your notes and textbook documents. And you can control it all with custom keyboard shortcuts.

Another highlight of Warp is that it lets you choose what you want to do with the windows when you save them. You can hide them from your screen or kill them altogether if you’re, say, preparing for a reboot. Warp supports multi-screen setups, too, so that you can distribute the windows across several spaces.

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Warp costs a one-time $6 fee. There’s no free trial, unfortunately.


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