The Surface Laptop 5 is actually worse than the Surface Laptop 4 — here’s why


Oh, Microsoft! We want you to win so, so badly, but you’re not giving us anything to work with. The Redmond-based tech giant boasted that its new Surface Laptop 5 is “up to 50% faster” than the Surface Laptop 4, but our in-house test results tell a whole different story.

First of all, aside from the new 12th Gen Intel Core processors, the Surface Laptop 5’s “upgrade” is stale AF. Sure, it finally has a Thunderbolt 4 port, but come on, the Surface Laptop series should have this I/O option ages ago. Plus, it has a slightly better display resolution and there’s a new Sage color for the 13.5-inch variant. Yawn! Forgive me for not breaking out the party poppers for these oh-so-exciting improvements.

Microsoft Surface Event Oct 12, 2022

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 (Image credit: Microsoft)

Secondly, I would have overlooked the boring upgrade if the Microsoft Surface line reached a stratus close to laptop nirvana, but it’s long overdue for a drastic redesign (those thick bezels are so passé) and a better webcam (I’m so over 720p). To make matters worse, the 15-inch Surface Laptop 5 took a performance hit compared to the AMD-based 15-inch Surface Laptop 4.

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