The best cases you can get for the Galaxy Z Flip 4


The Galaxy Z Flip 4 can be a difficult phone to buy a case for. Because of the bending motion, there’s an added complication and if done wrong, can make for a case with a bad experience attached. Here’s our roundup of some of the best cases you can get for the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Does the Galaxy Z Flip 4 really need a case?

How we look at some phones and the cases that protect them has definitely changed over the years. The iconic clamshell design has provided quite the challenge for case manufacturers, forcing them to come up with solutions that actually protect all of the phone, even when closed and the hinge is exposed.

In our use of the Z Flip 4, the phone has proven to be a slippery device. The glossy metallic sides make for a loose grip and the matte glass back doesn’t provide a lot of friction. Adding a case can give that extra little bit of grip that’s necessary.

While the Z Flip 4 is durable, there are several surfaces to protect. Of course, you run the risk of breaking the UTG screen of the inner display when the phone is open, but even closing it and dropping it risks the outer display cracking. No matter how your Flip is oriented, you want it protected from most things you can throw at it.

Best Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases

Spigen Tough Armor

The Spigen Tough Armor case might be one of the best Z Flip 4 cases of the bunch. It leans more on the thicker side of things, which is ok because the Z Flip 4 is remarkably thin, all things considered. With that, it doesn’t add too much to the foldable, yet it gives it a lot of grip and is still very comfortable to hold.

The cutouts are done well and don’t cover the side buttons, as some cases do. The bottom portion has a chamfered edge to make opening the Z Flip 4 easy to do. On top of that, the outer display cutout is done well and doesn’t impede being able to touch the display.

Perhaps the best part about this case is the hinge protection. Between the two pieces of the Tough Armor case is a thin piece of plastic that slides in and out of the bottom half of the case. The plastic is flexible enough that easily bends into the other piece, yet it would definitely offer some protection against the hinge if dropped.

With the Tough Armor case comes some pre-installed adhesive strips that help your Flip 4 stay in the case. Without it, the phone would slip out a little every so often, which gets extremely annoying over time.

Overall, the Spigen Tough Armor case is the best case we’ve been able to use. This is one that comes highly recommended to users, considering it isn’t extremely bulky, yet it adds some much needed protection and looks sleek while doing it. The Spigen Tough Armor comes in at $69.99, which isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth it.

Spigen Air Skin

If you’re looking for something extremely thin and easy to pop on and off, you might want to look into the Spigen Air Skin. The colored versions also come with adhesive strips, though the clear version comes with…

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