The best Alienware laptops for gaming


The best Alienware laptops for gaming are a highlight reel of the industry’s most premium and cutting-edge gaming machines. Alienware laptops have always been known for their abundance of power (and their sizable price tags). In the past, the brand has garnered a reputation for placing most of its efforts into function over form. However, in recent years, the Dell subsidiary has showcased a real penchant for pairing that power with some impressively modern and functional designs.

What the Alienware catalog lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Alienware’s new range of flagship laptops, dubbed the X-series, features some of the best components currently available and are genuine powerhouses in the best gaming laptop category. While Alienware’s M-series laptops aren’t flagship standard, they’re still incredibly competent machines, and also include some high-spec components. Newer revisions of M-series models, like the Alienware m17 R4, have done a great job of keeping the lineup relevant, and these devices are still some of the best for gaming.

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