The 17 Best Airbnbs on the Jersey Shore (Updated August 2021)

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FAQ: Airbnb on the Jersey Shore

Where is the Jersey Shore?

The Jersey Shore, known locally as ‘the shore,’ is made up of the entire coastal area bordering the Atlantic Ocean within the state of New Jersey. The region stretches from Perth Amboy in the north all the way to Cape May in the southernmost point.

How far is Jersey Shore from NYC?

Depending on where you go, and traffic, the trip might be as quick as under an hour to as long as three hours by car.

How much is it to rent a house on the Jersey Shore?

Prices will be the highest in the summer when everyone wants to spend a summer on the shore, and can easily cost a couple of hundred dollars per night for a bare-bones studio. If you want to book a lavish house with a pool or a beach house on the ocean, expect to pay several hundred dollars per night. 

However, you will find deals if you visit in shoulder seasons such as spring or fall and the cheapest rates are off-season in winter. If you do desire a summer beach getaway on the Jersey Shore, try to visit during the week for cheaper prices and avoid popular holiday weekends.

Additionally, many cheaper beach houses will feature dated decor and furnishings. For stylish surrounds, the cost will surely rise.

How can I find a house rental on Airbnb near the beach?

To find a beachfront house rental on the Jersey Shore on Airbnb, make sure to refine your search with filters.

Under ‘Amenities,’ be sure to check the box for either beachfront or waterfront. However, keep in mind that some hosts may list their homes as beachfront when they are really a block or two away. Read the listing carefully to ensure the beach is as close as you want it to be.

Is Airbnb safe?

To answer the question around whether Airbnbs are safe, we spoke with experts who said staying at an Airbnb as opposed to a hotel is one of the safest travel options, because when you book the entire house, there are no interactions with hosts or other guests. Airbnb also recently implemented mandatory new procedures and cleaning policies for hosts and guests.

Is travel safe?

The CDC recently said people who are fully vaccinated can travel safely within the US. However, travel for those who aren’t yet vaccinated still comes with risks. Additionally, experts still advise those who are vaccinated to continue to wear a mask, washing hands, and practice social distancing. 

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