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The recent releases of Dell PowerStore and Dell PowerMax help customers take advantage of software-driven innovation to realize the full value of their data, reduce cybersecurity risks, overcome operational silos, boost developer productivity and streamline multicloud management. The solutions can evolve with organizations’ changing needs because software-driven innovation makes it easy for customers to implement new capabilities in their infrastructure.

The Dell Anytime Upgrade Program, initially rolled out for PowerStore, is now also available for PowerMax. That means customers can modernize their control infrastructure anytime Dell Technologies releases new controllers.

In the latest release, PowerStore offers augmented capabilities in four main areas:

    • Data mobility – customers can configure a metro node implementation of PowerStore in just five clicks, easily syncing their storage environment when they need advanced mobility or want to ensure high availability.
    • Enterprise file capabilities – PowerStore already had a modern, container-based file protocol layer. It now also provides asynchronous replication, more security features and file mobility from other products in customers’ data centers into the PowerStore file layer. They can realize whatever they want to accomplish with their file or block storage.
    • More VMware integration – for years, Dell Technologies has led the industry in terms of VMware integration and continues to make it easier for customers to manage their VMware environments in PowerStore. PowerStore now offers VMware integration with complete visibility of every layer of the VMware infrastructure from the user interface – plus the ability to provision most PowerStore services directly from vSphere.
    • Deeper cybersecurity – one of the most critical enhancements is hardware root of trust. It allows customers to ensure the security of their systems at a foundational level and prevents hackers from tampering with them.

The newest PowerMaxOS 10 release includes over 200 new features, pushing storage intelligence and automation to a whole new level while also delivering industry-leading cybersecurity and resiliency capabilities for customers. The combination of software-driven innovation, cutting-edge hardware architecture and greater efficiency will help customers keep their storage infrastructure continuously modern with even greater flexibility, performance and massive scale. Enhanced PowerMax capabilities include:

    • Intrinsic cyber resiliency provides advanced security within the system to prevent malware attacks through built-in hardware Root of Trust, secure boot and digitally signed firmware updates.
    • Designed for Zero Trust security architectures – extends PowerMax cybersecurity capabilities to offer multifactor authentication, continuous ransomware/malware anomaly detection and a native air-gapped cyber vault for open systems and…

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