T-Mobile rolled out a hot magenta smart suitcase, and I want it


Pop quiz: what do you get when a top phone carrier collaborates with a smart luggage brand? A super smart suitcase that’s designed to keep you connected. And, in this particular case, one that you can practically spot from 35,000 feet in the air.

T-Mobile has collaborated with New York-based luggage brand Samsara Luggage to design a suitcase loaded with most of the things you need to stay productive while traveling.

The result is Un-carrier On (opens in new tab), a smart carry-on that is packed to the brim with useful smart features. It’s now available for pre-order for $325 (without tax) in the US, and in true T-Mobile fashion, comes in one shade and one shade only: magenta.

Un-carrier On

(Image credit: T-Mobile)

As for its smart features, it does come with what you’d expect from smart luggage, which are a removable power bank and a USB-C port for charging. But it also kicks it up a notch with a flat-top work surface to put your laptop on, Samsara’s Tag Smart luggage tracking, an adjustable aluminum telescopic handle, and oh yeah… wireless charging – because USB-C charging is so last year.

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