Streamline Endpoint Security and Manageability with BLOBs


As an IT manager with hundreds or thousands of end users who rely on their laptops to get their job done, have you ever struggled to ensure everyone’s devices are secure and up to date? Configuring and managing BIOS can be an especially difficult task, but one that’s increasingly important. In fact, setting and maintaining a unique BIOS password on each device is one of the best ways to ensure that it can’t be tampered with accidentally, or even hacked. Dell has worked with Microsoft to develop a capability that allows you to manage and configure BIOS quickly, easily and natively within Intune using BLOBs.

BLOB stands for Binary Large Object and is a storage option for any type of data you want to retain in a binary format. It has the flexibility to store data for any type of application. In this case, BLOBs make it easy for IT to perform two important tasks: Configuring and updating BIOS settings for Dell devices with zero touch and setting and maintaining secure passwords that are unique to each device.

Let me explain.

Configuring and Updating Dell BIOS Settings Using Intune and BLOBs

Imagine you just hired a number of new employees to fill several different positions, and since you now offer hybrid or fully remote work, these new employees live all over the country. You would probably use connected provisioning, leveraging a generic image installed on each PC at the factory. The factory-provisioned devices are then directly shipped to each new employee.

Once the new employee receives the device, he or she enters a few keystrokes, and the device connects to the company’s Microsoft Intune, where software starts flowing down and installing on the device. This part is pretty standard. However, what’s new is that Intune is now able to configure BIOS settings with the same automated zero touch method used for device provisioning.

How does all of this happen?  It starts with Dell Command | Endpoint Configure for Microsoft Intune.

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