Stadia adds its last few games before shutting down


As a final offer to its players and its publishing partners, Google Stadia is dropping one more batch of new games. Available now, remaining Stadia Pro members can claim these six games.

Google Stadia has officially announced its shutdown, which will see the cloud gaming service go offline as of January 18, 2023. As a part of the sunsetting for the service, Stadia has already shut down its store, cutting players off from the ability to purchase new games – as previously covered, Google will be refunding all game purchases and hardware to anyone who invested in Stadia over its lifespan.

Now, Google is releasing the final batch of new games onto Stadia.

To close out Stadia’s library, the platform will continue forth with the release of October’s Stadia Pro titles. Five titles were set to be released on Stadia Pro as of October 1, including:

  • Arcade Paradise
  • Drawful 2
  • Looking for Aliens
  • Slaycation Paradise
  • Tangle Tower

The sixth title in Stadia’s final push was launched just hours prior to the announcement of Stadia’s closing, with Hot Wheels Unleashed: Game of the Year Edition available to Stadia Pro subscribers.

Why make this final push? According to a source familiar with the matter, all of these games were already certified and ready to go, and this is a chance to do right by players and publishers. As has made the rounds since Google’s announcement, publishers were apparently blindsided by the shutdown, so continuing with a final release of titles that were just about ready for launch makes sense.

We’ve further heard that no more games will be released to Stadia following these titles, which makes sense given Google’s rapid exit strategy from Stadia – the Stadia Store has been fully closed, so these final games actually need to be claimed under Stadia’s “Home” page with its Pro row.

This of course includes titles that were previously announced for Stadia, but have yet to actually be released. Some examples of titles that were due to be released on Stadia in the coming months include FIFA 23 (which would have been released on September 30), Jackbox Party Pack 9, From Space, and Dead Island 2.

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