Samsung February 2023 update rolling out to these Galaxy devices


Even though Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S23 series, the Korean company has not forgotten about its predecessors. A growing number of Samsung Galaxy devices are getting the February 2023 Android security update — here’s the full list.

Samsung February 2023 security update – here’s what’s new

Every single month, Google releases a generic or generalized Android security bulletin. This is publically available and indicates any software fixes for potential security issues that affect Android and core portions of the mobile operating system.

Patch notes are also provided by Samsung, as the updates for its own devices include a number of Galaxy-specific fixes. The Korean tech giant has now revealed the details of the February 2023 security update that is now slowly rolling out to a multitude of Galaxy devices. The February patch notes direct from Samsung list 5 “Critical” severity vulnerability fixes, 43 “High,” and no “Moderate” resolutions.

As is often the case, the February 2023 update is focused on security improvements and likely won’t include any noticeable new features or tweaks for your Samsung phone.

Devices with the Samsung February 2023 security update

The exact sequence in which Samsung updates phones seems to vary from month to month, but generally speaking, there’s a loose pattern that the company often follows. Typically, each month’s new security patch will arrive for premium devices like the Galaxy S flagships or Galaxy Z foldable hardware.

This is followed by a roll out of the patch affordable handsets, these include the Galaxy A series, M series, and F series although this depends heavily upon global markets and availability. Similarly, Samsung tends to release updates to newer devices before older ones. However, despite this often being the roadmap, this is a fairly loose guideline that doesn’t always hold true, so be sure to check the full list below for your own device(s).

This list will include a… Source

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