Pixel 7 trade-in values skyrocket at the Google Store


If you were hoping to catch a deal on Google’s latest smartphones, you’re in luck. Just in time for the latest round of Pixel 7 discounts, Google Store trade-in values have shot back up.

Last year, when the Pixel 7 series first made its debut, Google offered some elevated trade-in values for older Pixels and especially iPhones. In some cases, users could upgrade to the latest model for as little as $20. But as the year came to a close, Google decimated trade-in values, to the point where previous-generation Pixel phones fetched no more than about $200.

As of this week, we’re seeing much higher trade-in values at the Google Store when buying a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro.

The max trade-in value we’re seeing at the Google Store right now is $440 for a Pixel 6 Pro, regardless of storage configuration. While that’s not exactly an all-time high, it’s more than double what Google has been offering in recent months. You’ll get even more from Samsung Galaxy and iPhone flagships, with nearly $600 on the table for the latest devices from either brand.

Below you can see some of today’s trade-in values compared to what we were seeing back in December. Notably, some devices did see their values drop, but not to the same extent as we saw previously.

Google Store trade-in values towards Pixel 7 Value 2/6/2023 Value 12/12/2022
Pixel 6 Pro $440 $190
Pixel 6 $380 $150
Pixel 5 $340 $105
Pixel 5a $280 $100
Pixel 4 $260 $74
Pixel 4 XL $280 $90
Pixel 4a $250 $71
Pixel 3 $220 $37
Pixel 3 XL $220 $49
Pixel 3a $200 $37
Galaxy S22 Ultra $570 $285
Galaxy S21 $365 $366
iPhone 12 $400 $266
iPhone 13 $480 $550
iPhone 13 Pro Max $625

This comes right as Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro have been deeply discounted yet again; Pixel 7 is down to $499 at the Google Store as well as other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. Pixel 7 Pro is also down to $749 at the Google Store, Amazon, and Best Buy. With the right trade-in, you could be looking… Source 9to5google.com

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