pCloud Password Manager stores data with military-grade tech


It seems like at every turn, there’s some sort of malicious actor trying to steal your login credentials. To combat this, a brand-new password manager called pCloud Pass uses some seriously heavy-duty tech to keep all of your credentials and vital info safe.

There are a lot of password storage services out there. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Most of those services store your passwords in plaintext, which is a basic form that doesn’t necessarily encrypt data at its core. The way pCloud’s password manager does it is to use a military-grade encryption algorithm so that crucial data is safe and sound.

While the password manager from pCloud is only a month old, the user base already exceeds 20,000 users. With it, users have the ability to store website credentials, notes, and credit card information to have on hand. The only way that data can be decrypted is with a master password, which is a safe touch.

The pCloud password manager app or extension is available for all major devices and browsers. You can grab passwords from your Android phone that you stored in Chrome on your desktop or vice versa. In either situation, your credentials are all securely stored and accessible as soon as you need them. You can have pCloud autofill your passwords with just a click, which makes navigating sites securely much easier.

One helpful feature is pCloud’s import feature, which offers a seamless transfer of your saved passwords on other websites or services. You can have passwords sent directly from certain services or you can import your own CSV file, which is used by almost all cloud password storage services out there.

In all, pCloud is probably one of your best options when it comes to safely store your passwords. Having your credentials locked behind a military-level method of encryption is enough to make anyone confident that their information is secure and locked tight.

The service is currently offering a free 30-day trial of the premium tier.

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