New Season and Halloween Outfits for Black Desert


Greetings, Adventurers!
Autumn is in full swing with falling leaves galore, and that means a new Season for Black Desert Console!

season preview

Starting October 26th, players will be treated to a plethora of rewards just for playing on a Season server.

Autumn 2022 marks the fifth Season of Black Desert on console. For all the lifeskillers out there, this is the perfect time to create a character on a Season server. Season enhancement materials can now be obtained through Gathering on season servers! Players can also enjoy the non-stop Life EXP +30% Hot Time buff that will be active for the duration of the season, increasing the chance to gather more materials.

In addition to the added life skill incentives, a new material for guaranteed PEN (V) accessory enhancements has been implemented to make enhancing easier for newer seasonal Adventurers. Lastly, an incredibly useful Alchemy Stone: Treant’s Tear, has been added to further increase your Life EXP and Gathering Item drop rate.

Season servers also come with exclusive events; quickly level up your season character with the Non-Stop Combat & Skill EXP Hot Time event and receive 100% guaranteed rewards!

Ready to graduate? Players on Season servers will receive exclusive content only available for the selected servers. Season Graduation gifts will also be given out to those ready to wear the cap and gown!

Learn more about Season and the new changes here.

Autumn not only brings colorful leaves, but also the spirit of Halloween! To commemorate this spooky time of year, new outfits embellished with jack-o-lantern colors and Halloween-themed elements will be released for all classes and made available on October 26th; just in time to trick-or-treat!


Fancy and well-fitted, the Pumpkin Tailor outfit has been custom fitted specifically for all Male classes to wear like a sir!

solo costume

Feeling magical? The Pumpkin Witch outfit is perfect for any lady. Be careful. She might put a spell on you!


Everybody needs a pal. Pair your Shai with this Pumpkin Pal outfit for the Halloween season!

Server content updates, Halloween colors and seasonal outfits are all available right now in Black Desert  console, so make merry and customize in the spirit of autumn on Xbox!

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