New Game Experiences Await Players in Elemental War 2’s Game Mode update for Xbox and PC


Hello out there, I’m Daniel from the indie studio Clockwork Origins.We’re glad to introduce the new big game mode update for our tower defense game Elemental War 2 we launched a few days ago and give some insights into it.

Besides a few of the usual bug fixes and improvements the main focus of the update are the new endless mode and the weekly challenges.


The endless mode builds up on what you experienced so far in the game. You defeat an elemental every five waves, gain the element and an item, build powerful towers with the element combinations and use your items to beat the monster hordes that become stronger and stronger. But while the game so far ended after surviving wave 80, in endless mode it won’t. At wave 80 you get the next element crystal to summon another elemental and the monsters keep spawning. That way, when you’re good enough, you can maximize all elements and build the strongest tower combinations. And, of course, you get quite a few new items to try out new strategies and improve your scores in a completely new leaderboard. And on top endless mode of course can also be played online in co-op with full cross-platform support!

winter landscape

The weekly challenges are a new way for us to provide you with some kind of new content in the form of changing challenges that modify how you experience the game and try to get the best out of you. Each challenge has some parameters that can change and will influence your experience. The obvious ones of course are the things you usually can adjust yourself: the map you play on, the game mode and the difficulty level. Those three are pre-defined for the challenge to give all of you the same setup.

But wait, there is more! The challenges can actually change a lot of other things as well:

  • Start wave
  • Start lives
  • Items
  • Monster speed
  • Rush mode
  • Interest
  • Elements
  • Minimum speed

Start wave and start lives influence your starting conditions. Instead of always starting at wave one with 50 lives we have a few intermediate steps here like starting at wave 30 with just ten lives. Of course, in that case you will get a bunch of gold and elements, so you just skipped the first 30 waves.

While the items are an important part of Elemental War 2, the challenges can disable treasure chests or even all items at all which will completely change your experience of the game as one of your most powerful tools isn’t available anymore and you have to build your towers even more carefully.

Monster speed means that when enabled only fast monsters will spawn (slow monsters will walk faster). So, no relaxing waves anymore. Combined with rush mode you won’t even have any breaks between the monster waves any longer. The interest you know can also be disabled, so saving gold doesn’t give you a bonus anymore and you have to change your play style to adjust. Minimum speed defines whether the game can be paused or not or if you even have to play at x2 or x3 speed the whole time. And the last…

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