New Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme: Work Without Boundaries


From factories to ambulances, deserts to the Arctic, professionals working in harsh edge environments turn to Dell Latitude Rugged for peace of mind. The new Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme Tablet is no exception – it’s the latest in a line of trusted devices for workers in some of today’s most challenging environments. This premium tablet is built for outstanding field performance and productivity, delivering critical reliability, all while withstanding extreme surroundings. 

Next-level Performance, No Matter the Environment

Operating in the field or on the factory floor should not mean sacrificing performance or connectivity. The lightest1 and most powerful2 12” fully-rugged tablet on the market, the 7230 Rugged Extreme comes with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ up to i7 processors and integrated Iris Xe graphics, providing powerful performance on the go. Combine that with new Wi-Fi 6E3 capability and dual broadband support, and users can see an improvement in speed while reducing the tablet’s energy consumption at the same time. For first responders, the 7230 Rugged Extreme answers the call, with FirstNet Ready™4 powering priority access to the critical information they need in emergencies, housed within the FirstNet network.

Dell Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme.
Dell Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme.

World-class Upgrades to Meet the Exacting Needs of Rugged Users

Those we depend on need equipment they can rely on, so the 7230 Rugged Extreme doesn’t stop at performance. It also features improved battery life, increased display size and the durability Rugged tablets are known for.

    • Regardless of your environment, the tablet now provides up to 20 hours5 battery life, with dual hot-swap batteries for continuous operation of the device. This is critical for shift work in manufacturing, the military, for first responders and the list goes on.
    • A true 16:10 aspect ratio display now provides 13 percent more active screen area than previous generations, giving the 7230 Rugged Extreme the largest6 screen area in a 12” fully rugged tablet. But that doesn’t mean much if you can’t see the content featured on the screen. Critical data can be viewed in direct sunlight, now with up to 1200 nits of brightness. Plus, glove-touch capability allows optimal screen interactivity.
    • And we can’t talk about Dell Rugged devices without talking about durability. The 7230 Rugged Extreme is military-grade, meaning it is drop-tested from up to four feet and temperature-tested from -20F to 145F to withstand the most strenuous circumstances. It’s IP-65 rated for exceptional protection against dust, dirt and water ingress, and with optional hazardous location certification, even highly dangerous settings are not an issue.

If this doesn’t leave our Rugged users impressed with the new tablet, let’s take a minute to talk security as well – because let’s face it, when working in these harsh environments, users need to be prepared for the unexpected while knowing their devices…

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