MSI unveils the Stealth 17, 16, and 14 inch Studio laptops at CES 2023


Today MSI launched the Stealth 17, 16, and 14-inch Studio laptops at CES 2023, and we were super excited to get hands-on with them for a bit and build our insatiable thirst for when we get review units in hand. Both Stealth Studio laptops are sleek magnesium alloy beauties, with massive feeling 16:10 aspect ratio displays that run at a speedy 240Hz of refresh rate, and during demonstrations, it showed.

Both units feature the latest 13th Gen Intel CPUs with performance improvements of up to 30% and, of course, the 4000 series GPUs from Nvidia that promise a 50% boost in performance. Both Stealth variants were smoothly running demos that truly built my thirst up for a weekend of gaming and ignoring the world around me. Each unit features tight, crisp angles, with appointed ports and the lovely Dragon logo on the back of the lid.

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