Moving Sustainability Forward with Dell APEX


Environmental sustainability is no longer icing on the cake, it’s a necessary ingredient to an organization’s business strategy. Leading IT companies have a responsibility to manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Dell APEX, by design, is a significant step forward in embracing Dell’s commitment to the Green Data Center. Furthermore, Dell demonstrates the highest standards in commitment to sustainability when coupled with its strategic partnerships ensuring that our customer experience, especially within the APEX portfolio, offers the brightest future for our global IT ecosystem.

Let’s dig deeper. Energy alone can make up 40-60% of a data center’s operating costs. With more companies than ever reporting on sustainability initiatives, there is increased visibility and transparency connected to IT energy decisions. These decisions are no longer just about reducing costs but reducing inefficiencies that could potentially have large scale environmental impacts. According to the G&A institute, more than 90 percent of S&P 500 companies now publish ESG reports in some form 1, which is causing many functions within an organization to rethink those very strategies.

As-a-service consumption models have been a key enabler to reducing waste by right sizing your IT, while still ensuring availability, performance and most importantly the ability to scale. APEX optimizes IT operations and can help reduce your organization’s environmental impact by enabling you to deploy only what you need. Simply stated: APEX provides the ability to optimize energy and resource consumption.

APEX can reduce the cost of wasteful overprovisioning by as much as 45%. Customers typically start with the infrastructure required for their given workloads and will then add to their footprint as their demands grow. This allows the ability to add and remove services as needed rather than standing up resources and leaving them running unused. The latter leads to unnecessary energy consumption and costs. This reduction may substantially lower power and cooling usage and costs. APEX also helps to minimize emissions and resource usage by right sizing IT environments. Use what you need. 

APEX can save customers up to 53% of time spent on decommissioning and retiring hardware. APEX responsibly recovers, reuses and recycles products and materials on your behalf, increasing residual value of your equipment for future use and removing the burden of end-of-life management. Furthermore, Dell’s partnership with Equinix provides interconnected services that ensure a commitment to sustainable responsibility. Currently, Equinix uses 95% renewable energy with a commitment to move towards 100% renewable energy in resource procurement.

Throughout every step of your APEX journey, Customer Success Managers work to maximize ongoing efficiencies – always one step ahead, anticipating needs and initiating ongoing checkpoints and communications.

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