Leveraging Integration as a Service (INaaS) for Your Business


Integration as a Service (INaaS) has become a critical internal product for developers and business users when it comes to integration services. Currently, INaaS allows developers and even business users to build, migrate, monitor and manage their integration services. This fiscal year FY23, INaaS has enabled over 3,000 self-service requests per month across all integration platforms.

Consider the last time your organization set up an integration to transfer 500GB of files each month. With multiple business transformation and north star transformation efforts, the initial size assumption of 500GB changes drastically. Now, that integration could be actually transferring 1TB of files. Let’s add to that scenario more than 50,000 integrations running. Suddenly, managing all these pieces of information becomes multifaceted.

Within Dell Digital (Dell IT), INaaS has created the capabilities to help profile the data changes and make the necessary adjustments to reconfigure the integration optimally.

Providing Visibility into “Total Cost of Ownership”

The integration services that made INaaS a critical tool within Dell Digital in recent years are the same services that have pushed INaaS to grow and provide additional “smart features.” In FY23Q3, INaaS launched a set of new dashboard services that bring visibility to the actual cost of running integration services.

    • Integration owners can now see the traffic each integration is producing by displaying transaction data. Leveraging the CapEx and OpEx on each platform and the volume information, actual cost to run each integration is calculated.
    • Platform owners are now equipped with new platform infrastructure utilization and license consumption by each instance across all integration platforms, which enable them to optimize the spend.
    • Integration owners can also monitor any integrations that are not active and mark them for decommission, which helps to keep the platform lean.
    • With these additional… Source www.dell.com

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