Let’s Sing 2023: The Power of Music



  • Music is for everyone – and so is Let’s Sing.
  • Songs picks from different eras, genres and even languages bring people together to have a good time.
  • Let’s Sing 2023 is available now on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

We’re surrounded by music every day. Think about it: If you go to the shops, watch a movie, are on public transport or even if you go for a walk — chances are that you’ll hear a tune somewhere. And if it’s catchy enough, you’ll wind up humming along or tapping your foot once in a while, effectively building a bridge between you and whoever chose the song in the first place. And it’s a starting point as well. It’s just a small step from humming or tapping your toes to singing.

And that’s where we come in with Let’s Sing 2023.

Those catchy tunes I was talking about? They are the foundation of the playlists we put together for Let’s Sing every year. Sometimes we dig really deep into the archives and pull out a song that’s been around for decades, other times we scour social media for trending songs. And obviously everything in between, because music is for everyone.

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That’s why we want Let’s Sing to be a game for everyone, too. Kids, teenagers, Gen Z, millennials, Gen X or older — when selecting songs, we want to be as inclusive as possible. So, placing one of the latest Disney anthems (“We Don’t Talk About Bruno”) on the same playlist as a song that many of today’s 30-somethings probably sang at the top of their lungs at one point (“Complicated”) only makes sense.

Add in an absolute evergreen that was released in 1961 (“Stand By Me”), a song that spawned one of the internet’s earliest memes (“Dragostea Din Tei”) or some bangers that were released in recent years (“Bad Habits”, “You Broke Me First”, “Old Town Road”) and you get a playlist that brings everyone together.

Let's Sing 2023 Screenshot

That’s exactly our goal with every iteration of Let’s Sing: To bring people together to have a good time. Grab your family on a lazy Sunday afternoon and start handing out microphones or get your friends together for a karaoke party for the ages. Up to eight players can sing together and have fun with various game modes. And if you’re shy and want to practice on your own first — we’ve obviously got you covered there as well with our single player mode.

Remember how I said that we want to be inclusive with our song picks? We don’t stop with different genres or eras, either. For several years now, we’ve produced special editions for French, German, and Spanish players so they can enjoy some songs in their native language or by local artists as well as international hits. This year, Australian players get their first own edition, too. Because music is for everybody.

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