Intel’s next-gen Meteor Lake CPUs could be amazing for laptops


Meteor Lake CPUs, Intel’s next-gen chips to follow Raptor Lake, are going to provide some huge boosts on the efficiency front if a fresh rumor proves to be correct.

As Wccftech (opens in new tab) reports, this is another from that fountain of speculation, which is Twitter, and one of the better-known hardware leakers on that platform, namely Raichu.

Raichu believes that Intel is targeting 50% power efficiency gains – at least – with its 14th-gen Meteor Lake processors, compared to current Raptor Lake silicon. In other words, when running at the same performance level as a 13th-gen chip, a next-gen model will use a third less power.

Raichu does mention performance briefly in that Twitter thread, but only to confirm that Meteor Lake will increase it – as would be fully expected. However, the leaker doesn’t give us any idea of the kind of uptick to expect on that front from these next-gen processors.

We’re also told that integrated graphics for Meteor Lake will nearly double performance levels compared to Raptor Lake, which would be seriously impressive, too.

Analysis: Yet more evidence of Intel’s fresh focus on efficiency

All this is great news for laptops, if it pans out of course – we must always be cautious of how much stock we put in rumors. That said, there has already been quite a bit of buzz about how Meteor Lake will focus on efficiency, driving forward with ever-increasing amounts of efficiency cores that could benefit from a new architecture. (Indeed, past rumors have suggested that the 14th-gen may not even have Core i9 models for the desktop, such might be the focus on mobile).

A 50% increase in efficiency, or maybe more, will mean that laptops will be able to pack more powerful chips that’ll be thermally okay within the confines of a small chassis. And if integrated graphics are nearly… Source

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