How to theme your Android 12 phone with Material You

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Android 12 brings a fresh new design language to Google’s mobile OS. Called Material You, it adapts to your wallpaper and applies the theme across all elements, such as buttons, sliders, widgets, notification shade, icons, animations, and more. So how do you customize it?

The backbone of Material You is the set of colors it draws from your wallpaper or the ones you cherry-pick yourself. It then selects the dominant and secondary shades to personalize your phone’s software. If you have a brown-heavy backdrop, for instance, activated toggles will be brown, while that particular screen’s background itself may be of a lighter tone, such as beige. Although most of this process is automated on Android 12, you do have a few choices to fine-tune what your theme looks like. Here’s how to get started.

Choose your primary Material You colors

By default, Material You themes your phone with the shades it extracts from the current wallpaper. To instantly switch up the look, you can pick a new wallpaper and Material You will automatically update the accents, icons, and more to match it. Plus, Android creates a handful of color combinations from your wallpaper and you can decide which one you want from Settings > Wallpaper & Style > Wallpaper colours.

In case you don’t want Material You to work with wallpapers, you also have the option to configure static colors. To do that, go to Settings > Wallpaper & Style and select the “Basic colours” tab. Here, you can pick from four dominant shades. Android will apply this color to most of your phone’s software elements, and the rest will simply have a lighter shade of it. Next time you change your backdrop, your theme won’t adapt to it.

Create your own wallpaper to get custom Material You colors

Although Android 12 lets you manually pick colors, you’re limited to only four options. If you’d like to set Material You to a color apart from those options, you will have to feed it through a wallpaper somehow. Luckily, there are plenty of third-party apps that allow you to create your own wallpaper.

Download this free app and launch it once it’s installed. It will ask you to choose the hues you want in the abstract wallpaper. When you’re done with that, proceed with the “Next” button up top and apply it as your wallpaper. Material You will capture the new colors and update your phone’s theme.

Apply Material You theme to icons

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