How to enable and use Gmail’s new package tracking feature


Gmail has released a new tool that allows users to track their packages directly from confirmation emails. Here’s how you can enable that feature and make use of it to save time entering tracking numbers.

The standard process for placing an online order is simple. An order is placed, and a confirmation email is sent. After the product ships, another email is usually sent, and with that is a tracking number from one of many shipping services.

That email is where Gmail steps in. The new package tracking feature allows Google to take that tracking number and automatically bring those shipping details in. Those details will be visible in a small card that appears above the email itself.

Of course, since Gmail’s package tracking feature has to do with privacy, you need to enable it yourself.

How to enable package tracking in Gmail

On Android

  1. Open Gmail on your Android device.
  2. Tap the menu button at the top-left and select Settings.
  3. Select your email if you have multiple and scroll the General section.
  4. Tap Package tracking.

On iOS

  1. Head to Settings in Gmail.
  2. Scroll down and hit Data privacy.
  3. Toggle on Package tracking.

Once enabled, you’ll notice a couple of UI changes throughout your messages. The first change is a new status icon on each email that has tracking functionality. After first enabling it, you might not see every detail since Gmail is just now processing that information; however, wait a bit, and you’ll see a green bit of text that gives you details at a glance.

If you open an email with package tracking enabled, there’ll be a card at the top with a linear progress bar. That bar will indicate whether the package has been shipped or delivered. Gmail will also notify you if a delivery was attempted but something came up.

The Gmail package tracking feature is still new, so there will be kinks here and there. As with any feature where Gmail deciphers emails, it may take a bit for the app to recognize every different form of order… Source

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