How many Wi-Fi points do I need?


Mesh networks are often a better option for buyers, and the Nest WiFi Pro Google announced this year packs a big punch. So how many Nest WiFi Pro points will you need in your house? This guide will take you through figuring out the number of Nest WiFi Pro points you need you actually need.

What is a mesh network?

After the wide rollout of Wi-Fi, the go-to option for many users and their dwellings was a single router hooked up to a modem. While that system has been improved upon consistently as WiFi tech has improved, it still has some drawbacks.

See, your WiFi signal isn’t invincible, and it becomes weaker the farther it has to travel and the more obstacles it has to pass through. Users with medium to large homes and many rooms tend to find themselves with a strong internet connection on one end, while the other end of the house suffers.

An option that has become increasingly popular is a mesh network, which ties together a series of Wi-Fi points to one internet connection so that no matter where you go in your house, you’re somewhere in a web of internet. Google has offered several implementations of this setup, with the Google Wifi, Nest WiFi, and now the Nest WiFi Pro.

Generally speaking, you can place a Wi-Fi point on either end of the house or set up three connections by arranging them in a sort of triangle. Doing this will allow you to get a strong connection throughout your home with ease and dramatically lessens the weak points you come across.

number of Nest WiFi Pro points

Google’s new Nest WiFi Pro comes in as a hefty upgrade to its previous iterations. The new WiFi Pro can handle up to 300 devices – triple what the last generation could do – and goes by the new Wi-Fi 6e standard, which adds an additional band alongside 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Of course, mesh networks don’t come cheap. The brand-new Nest WiFi Pro costs $199.9 for one WiFi point and an extra $100 for each after that – if purchased in a pack. As with most things, the more you need, the more expensive things are going to get.

How many Nest WiFi Pro points do you need?

There’s no point in buying as many Nest WiFi Pro points as you can since your internet speed doesn’t always increase with signal strength. Generally speaking, many users will only need three or fewer WiFi points, with most only needing one or two. So, what’s the magic number of Nest WiFi Pro points for you?

Each Nest WiFi Pro can cover about 2200 square feet of space, according to Google – the same as the previous Nest Wifi. If you happened to own the Nest Wifi and had a mesh system, you can just house the same number of points as you did before.

Really, you need to think of that area in a 3D space, not just linearly. That means each point can handle up to about a 2200 square foot bubble in each direction from edge to edge. For instance, covering a one-story home would be much more difficult than covering a two-story house with the same square footage. That second floor is directly above the Nest WiFi Pro, …

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