How Dell VxRail Advances Sustainability with Energy Efficiency


Investments in sustainability are on the rise – in fact, 71 percent of organizations have begun implementing ESG programs.1 Combine that with the fact that IT is already focused on modernization plans for workloads, multicloud and security – and you can see how many teams are faced with seemingly competing priorities.

At Dell Technologies, we believe implementing a green data center and hitting the “Environmental” aspect of ESG is part of every IT infrastructure initiative. With Dell VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure systems you can improve energy efficiency as you consolidate workloads across edge, data centers and multicloud. And with energy costs poised to be 46% higher in 2023, this is more important than ever. Here are two key areas where the Dell VxRail infrastructure portfolio makes a difference, and one new platform that promises to be a sustainability game changer at the edge and in the datacenter.

Workload Consolidation

One of the best ways VxRail addresses power consumption is by taking advantage of and the operational benefits of the VxRail HCI System Software to consolidate infrastructure. By reducing the number of servers needed for specific workloads as well as consolidating multiple workloads and operations into a single environment, VxRail customers can shrink footprint and realize more efficient operations while lowering power consumption. Combined these factors can result in up to 24% lower infrastructure costs.

    • Achieve up 50% power savings by consolidating workloads with VxRail deployments on 15th generation PowerEdge versus 13th generation PowerEdge.
    • Forecast power requirements by consolidating on a single infrastructure across core, edge and multicoud with a consistent operational model.
    • Eliminate silos of infrastructure, reduce stranded resources, and optimize technology for workload requirements.

And as we continue to jointly innovate with VMware, we recently introduced integrated DPUs, enabling customers to offload and accelerate vSphere services while freeing up CPU cycles for workload performance and consolidation. Announced at VMware Explore US and available soon, the initial results indicate up to 20% CPU savings.

Infrastructure Planning

Proper infrastructure planning helps manage power consumption, reduces the risk of overprovisioning and sets up your environment to accommodate current workloads as well as future growth. Purpose built VxRail sizing tools provide design guidance by:

    • Importing Live Optics data from VMware virtualized workloads into VxRail sizing tools to create optimal infrastructure sizing guidance based on utilized resources (not overprovisioned).
    • Providing estimates of power and cooling requirements based on configuration and various workload profiles using our Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Tool.
    • Sizing tools directly integrated into the ordering path, ensuring that what is entered into the plan is what arrives at your business.

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