Halloween Update for World of Warships: Legends Brings a Batch of Themed Content


Many treats, no tricks – let’s dive in the newest content to see why there’s a ton of reasons to spend the spookiest time of the year on the seas with World of Warships: Legends!

A Light in the Dark ‘22

The special game mode makes its return for this year’s Halloween. The malicious Rasputin and his minions strike again, and your goal is saving the world – no less! With three difficulty levels and Commander progression, this iteration of the cooperative event provides various ways of winning and having fun. Remember, the captain has to be brave!

But what about prizes? Of course! Winning in the event nets you Ancient Shards that are available to spend on three special Commander guises representing the heroes who fight against Rasputin; Tier V Commonwealth Premium cruiser Perth, perfect to wage war from the shadows of smoke screens; and special Halloween crates packing, among other content, themed ship skins and the first British Premium aircraft carrier (more on her later)! Besides, completing all three difficulty levels unlocks a unique ship, Japanese Tier III battleship Kawachi.

Halloween Update for World of Warships

Alternate German Battleships in Full Access

Tier VIII Prinz Rupprecht of the German Navy is here – and so are her peers included in the newest line in the tech tree for the total count of 5 ships, also known as battlecruisers. Those are now available for research and purchasing with credits.

Bringing improved secondary suites, torpedoes for the higher tiers, and SONAR consumable (starting at Tier V), these monsters are ready to make an impact. Spicing up gameplay is the unique functionality of the Damage Control Party: only three charges instead of unlimited ones, but with quicker reload, allowing for an option to alleviate heavy damage to your ship. 

Halloween Update for World of Warships

The Fortress Campaign

Newest campaign brings Soviet Tier VIII Premium cruiser Kronshtadt as the ultimate prize! This ship has the biggest amount of HP among non-Legendary cruisers, hard-hitting guns, and solid torpedo defense – with the caveat of speed and maneuverability being average, but that’s a tradeoff with a ton of potential. Getting Admiralty Backing and finishing the campaign are the two requirements to obtain this juggernaut. 

With 100 milestones in 5 weeks, the framework of the campaign is unchanged: catch-up mechanic as well as difficult missions for seasoned veterans of naval battles are in place, too.  

Bourgogne Bureau & Ark Royal Arrival

Welcome glorious and powerful Bourgogne, the first Legendary battleship for the French fleet! She’s the fastest among giants with 32 kt speed, also sporting Main Battery Reload Booster for dishing out damage as rapid as possible, and Engine Boost, allowing to be wherever she needs to be, when she needs to. To get her just pick up the free Bureau project and research it!

Ark Royal, a British Navy powerhouse, is the first Premium aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy,…

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