Generation Zero Content Update: Machines at War and Bases to Conquer



  • Generation Zero is an ever-growing experience with a vibrant community and regular updates
  • This year we have added new enemies, new vehicles, and new missions
  • New expanded intro missions make joining the Resistance more fun than ever!
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Generation Zero has been live for over three years now, and there are still a ton of things happening with the game. We love this game and the world in it, and there is no shortage of ideas for new features we want to add to enrich the game further.

In this article, I will go over the major updates we have added over the last year. I hope that you will enjoy what we have worked on, and maybe we will see you explore it all in-game!

In Generation Zero you explore the idyllic island Östertörn, set in 1980s Sweden. In this beautiful environment, hostile machines roam the landscape, and almost all humans seem to be gone. As you traverse the island, you will work to uncover what is happening on Östertörn, and do what you can to fight back against the overpowering machines.


As of this year, the FNIX machines are no longer the only threat in Östertörn. Three machines of a new faction have found their way to Östertörn’s shores, and they are attacking both the already existing machines and any human who dares to cross their path.

The smaller Lynxes roll around in packs, the large Wolf patrols the fields, and in the skies our first flying machine can be spotted – the Firebird. Fire, gas, bombs, and gunshots are everywhere. Traversing the map is more dangerous than ever, but if you think fast and adjust to your circumstances, you can take down even these new enemies, or maybe arrange for them to take down each other.

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Together with the new machines there are three new missions added, many new locations to visit, and collectibles to be found – which will all help you learn more about the new machines and why they came to Östertörn.


Over a year ago we introduced the first version of base building and a repeatable Horde Mode where you defend your base from waves of increasingly threatening enemies.

In addition, there are now Control Points to be found in several different regions. You can choose to build your own base in these unique places, but beware – FNIX machines can build bases there too. These procedurally generated FNIX bases are always different, creating a challenging maze of turrets and traps to navigate. But successfully taking them down will reward you with important resources as well as new places to build on.

We have also added a wide variety of buildings for you to use when designing your bases. Do you want to create an intimidating place with hard concrete and barbed wire? Or will you build a disco base with multi-colored lights and take down machines to your favorite tune from the Jukebox? The choice is yours as you play and experiment with where and how to build your home, to then defend it against our updated Horde…

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