Delve into a New Story in Neverwinter: Northdark Reaches


Neverwinter: Northdark Reaches, developed in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore and his son, Geno Salvatore, is now live.  This new module explores the events that take place between “Starlight Enclave” and “Glacier’s Edge”, the first two books in RA Salvatore’s “The Way of the Drow” trilogy.

New Campaign and Adventure Zone

Bound by his duty to the throne, King Bruenor seeks the assistance of Sergeant Knox in the disappearance of Gautlegrym’s most trusted scout, Braelin Janquay. Amidst mounting tension between factions and civil war brewing, it will fall to the adventurers of Neverwinter to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding Braelin’s disappearance. Heroes brave enough to answer King Bruenor’s call for aid will discover and explore the Northdark Reaches, a new region of the Underdark.

Neverwinter’s latest module introduces a new campaign, missions, rewards and the next major Adventure Zone. Alongside the familiar face of King Bruenor, adventurers will also be introduced to new characters such as the myconid Rumpadump, Saribel Xorlarrin Do’Urden, daughter of Matron Zeerith Xorlarrin, drow priestess Minolin Fey, and more. In an exciting new storyline, players will also visit new repeatable instances such as the Tower of Gabsul Nasad, Neirt Elamnshin, and the Mycelial Depths.

Neverwinter: Northdark Reaches

Temple of the Spider Dungeon Update

Gather your party and return to the Temple of the Spider in a reworked and updated version of the dungeon! Adventurers must clear the area of new servants of Lolth in order to save a Secret Moondancer taken to the Temple for judgement for posing as a High Priestess. Lolth is not known for her mercy so adventurers must make haste to rescue the priestess!

Temple of the Spider will be available in both Normal and Master difficulty. The Normal version will be included in the Random Dungeon Queue and is available to all players with at least 25,000 Item Level. The Master version will require 75,000 Item Level and will provide a challenge worthy of the strongest adventurers in the realm, especially those who seek to earn the title of “Web Hacker” upon completing all Master dungeon achievements!

Quality of Life & Wizard Updates

Neverwinter’s newest module brings with it several quality-of-life changes. Improvements to the inventory system have been added to help make adventuring easier. Included among these updates are filtering and finding options, several inventory bag management changes such as easier bag replacement and bag preference type, ease of companion roster navigation, and more. Additional appearance slots should help those seeking to expand their appearance options!

In addition to the quality-of-life updates, Wizards will notice several improvements to the class. This includes a significant amount of bug fixes and balance passes, mostly to magnitudes of various powers but also a few functional…

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