Dell PowerEdge Servers – Accelerating Performance with AMD for What’s Next


Enterprise computing is essential to the success of many of our customers’ businesses. Pushing the limits of innovation with agility and performance, all with an eye on sustainability is key when competing in today’s environment. For more sustainable performance that takes up less space in the data center, look no further than the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers powered by 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ processors.

We understand the unrelenting need for server performance to power the business outcomes needed for today’s fast-paced business. Yet most customers will tell you that incremental data center real estate is increasingly hard to find. Every day, IT professionals face a myriad of unprecedented IT challenges like this and trust Dell Technologies to provide expert guidance and solutions.

Our customers are expected to implement the latest technology to keep their businesses competitive, safeguard their data from hackers, and critically, discover ways to use less energy. This all needs to be done while looking for faster ways to automate routine updates and attract qualified help from a shrinking pool of talent. These challenges require a holistic set of solutions that include the latest in hardware technology.

To help address those challenges, today we are introducing the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers powered by 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ processors, the Dell PowerEdge R7625, R7615, R6625 and R6615.

These servers showcase world-record performance along with a new set of features that dynamically scale to accommodate even the most demanding applications, driving a faster return on investment by optimizing clock speed and frequency to complete more workloads faster. Bolstering these next-generation servers are PowerEdge’s unwavering anchor tenants of cyber resiliency, automation, sustainability, secure supply chain and global services.

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Accelerating Performance

These Dell systems tout the highest cores per processor – 50 percent more than the previous generation of AMD EPYC CPUs – and the best overall performance we’ve tested to date. Furthermore, they include only 40% increase in thermal design power (TDP). While increasing TDP, we are also boosting CPU efficiency with the new DPU-PCIe (SmartNIC) that connects x8 lanes to CPU1 and x8 lanes to CPU2. These new features add up to more performance while generating less heat in your data center.

The systems also include a new class of DDR5 memory that will reach up to 4800MT/s, and improved RAS features with on-die ECC along with the latest PCIe Gen5 capability that doubles throughput from PCIe Gen4. State-of-the-art storage improvements, using EDSFF-E3, are roughly half the physical size of a 2.5-inch SSD, maximizing density while reducing the amount of heat they produce. This means you can process and save more data in a smaller footprint while saving space for future growth in your data center.

In addition, we’ve recorded world-record…

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