Dell Future-Proof Program Adds Intelligent CloudIQ AIOps Application


IT department and data center managers face a variety of challenges when purchasing and maintaining technology infrastructure. Questions often arise around unexpected challenges during deployment, availability of flexible consumption, automating day-to-day management and upgrading storage with the latest controllers. Fortunately, Dell Technologies offers a comprehensive benefits program that covers all phases of IT ownership including initial acquisition and ongoing management. The Dell Technologies Future-Proof Program – a comprehensive set of benefits to support IT departments through IT equipment acquisition and operation – helps simplify operations for organizations that purchase Dell storage.

The Future-Proof Program is designed to maximize investments, with a set of world-class technology capabilities, to deliver customer value across Dell’s storage, data protection, HCI, networking and server solutions, all from a single vendor. Dell further helps customers simplify operations by expanding the Future-Proof Program to include Dell CloudIQ1 and the products it manages.

CloudIQ: AIOps for Intelligent IT Infrastructure Insights

CloudIQ2 provides AIOps for intelligent IT infrastructure insight by combining proactive monitoring, machine learning and predictive analytics so IT departments can take quick action and streamline operations. CloudIQ helps users to:

    • Reduce Risk with proactive health notifications and predictive analytics that pinpoint deviations and performance impacts to speed troubleshooting and resolution.
    • Plan ahead to meet your business needs with capacity full projections and anomaly detection.
    • Improve productivity of staff and collaborate better with a single view of the IT environment, custom reports, and third-party software integrations.

CloudIQ enables IT managers to receive comprehensive insights about their data center infrastructure from a single pane of glass. The expanded advantages provided by the Future-Proof Program include the Dell server portfolio. Focusing on the server component, CloudIQ monitors PowerEdge servers through a plug-in to OpenManage Enterprise (OME). CloudIQ integrates data from multiple OME consoles, providing a single-user interface for enterprise-wide proactive monitoring and faster time-to-resolution. For example, users can observe server health scores, hardware components, licenses and performance metrics such as CPU, memory and I/O usage. The ability to quickly analyze server health and status from the same console used to monitor all Dell infrastructure simplifies IT management.

Additional Future-Proof Benefits for Operations

In addition to CloudIQ, Dell offers further benefits to simplify IT operations. As part of the Future-Proof Program, Dell offers a comprehensive Storage Data Reduction guarantee3 program to support IT departments during ongoing operations. Dell guarantees a 4:1 data reduction ratio for PowerStore solutions and recently announced a 4:1 data…

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