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As organizations of all sizes and across all industries digitally transform, data has quickly become the most vital asset to their business. Data plays a central role as a source of competitive differentiation, with the ability to drive innovation through new products, services, and business models. That is why it is imperative to keep this asset protected.

The increasingly important role of data, combined with the substantial proliferation of threats to that data, have created a perfect storm in terms of the overall reliance on data protection solutions. Ensuring data remains recoverable and accessible has never been more important, and the challenges to protect it have never been greater. In a recent survey of 1,000 IT Decision-Makers from Dell’s Global Data Protection Index, 67 percent indicated they are concerned existing data protection measures may not be sufficient, and 69% indicated they are concerned about a disruptive event in the next year. ¹

While organizations are grappling with the complexity of ensuring their data is protected, they are also seeking a simplified experience managing it. The process for acquiring and utilizing data center infrastructure is in the midst of a transition from the traditional capital expense (CapEx) model to cloud and as-a-Service consumption where usage is metered like a utility, equipment is vendor-owned, and billing is treated as an operating expense (OpEx). In a recent survey by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 359 IT decision makers were asked about their preferred consumption model for on-premises data center infrastructure, and over half indicated they preferred a pay-per-use model such as a variable monthly subscription. ²

Knowing how crucial backup is to a company’s data protection strategy, we are excited to announce that Dell APEX will be expanding its Data Storage Services portfolio to offer additional choice and flexibility with a Backup Target offer that combines the resiliency of Dell Data Protection appliances with the agility of as-a-Service consumption. APEX Data Storage Services Backup Target will provide the ability to take advantage of a pay-per-use storage model and eliminate the need to forecast usage years in advance by removing the burden of over-provisioning to accommodate unanticipated spikes in usage. It will help customers reduce their overall backup storage footprint with fast backups, high compression levels and advanced deduplication – typically delivering 65:1 data reduction. ³ It will be ideal for backing up and protecting all your critical workloads, from remote locations to core data centers.

Like our other Dell APEX Data Storage Services offers, Backup Target is being designed with simplicity top of mind. Using the Dell APEX Console, you will be able to quickly find the service that best fits your business needs based on a few key service parameters such as capacity, performance tier and term length.

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