Cities: Skylines Goes International with Content Inspired by Places All Around the World


The Cities: Skylines World Tour starts today with the release of two Content Creator Packs inspired by different regions around the world, two radio stations, and a free update for all players. 

Cities: Skylines (Xbox One Edition and Windows 10 Edition) gives you the opportunity to create and manage the city of your dreams. Today, we explore this concept even more with inspirations from different parts of the world, kicking off the Cities: Skylines World Tour! Players today can add towering high-rise buildings and iconic Korean architecture with the Skyscrapers and Heart of Korea Content Creator Packs. You can’t have a memorable trip without a great soundtrack, so players can pick up the K-Pop Station and 80’s Downtown Beat radio stations to inspire their urban planning.

When we started working on the winter content plan for Cities: Skylines, we challenged ourselves to release 10 pieces of content, including Content Creator Packs, radio stations, and free updates by the end of the year. This brought us back to the drawing board to discuss what made us fall in love with our game in the first place. We also connected with our community and content creators to develop content that highlights one of the key pillars of Cities: Skylines — creativity.

Screenshot from Heart of Korea Content Creator Pack releasing today.

That’s how we came up with the “World Tour,” a series of content updates and releases representing different regions around the world. With this initiative, we welcome even more Cities: Skylines fans from all across the globe. We love to showcase many places and regions, and celebrate the passion we share for city-building. Our World Tour starts today with Skyscrapers, Heart of Korea, and more, and it will continue in 2023. Let us know which parts of the world we should explore next!

We are not just releasing paid content; we have also planned a series of free updates and fixes that make Cities: Skylines more stable and add content to past expansions. Additionally, we have implemented a series of beta testing events with our community. We will be checking future expansions together and, thanks to your feedback, we will work hard to provide you with the best content for Cities: Skylines.

Screenshot from Skyscrapers Content Creator Pack, releasing today

The next leg of the Cities: Skylines World Tour will be on December 13 when we release Colossal Order’s mini-expansion Financial Districts, the Map Pack 2 Content Creator Pack featuring different biomes, and a radio station. To stay on track with the World Tour and so much more to come, follow us on Twitter at @CitiesSkylines.

It’s a great time to be a city builder!

Cities: Skylines – World Tour Bundle

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Get inspired by different regions around the world with Cities: Skylines “World Tour”.
This bundle includes two content creator packs and two radio stations. In detail:

Heart of Korea

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