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My sister recently decided it’s time to renovate her home. Her house still worked as is – it was functional and it made her happy for several years, but it began losing its luster and she started noticing things she wished she could change. It no longer fit the way she lived or functioned how she wanted it to. She needed more. A home is supposed to be a place where you can relax and grow your life, not stand in the way of it. It was time for a remodel.

The challenging part quickly became what to do, who to hire and where to begin. What was supposed to be an exciting process and the start of a new beginning quickly turned into a nightmare. Deciding on the endless contractors, coordinating across them all to align on her common goal, not to mention the inevitable timing and budget constraints. She soon realized it would be much easier to simply hire a general contractor to manage and drive the project for her.

Time for a Renovation

We know that enterprises face similar circumstances as you review the state of your business. Your business is progressing fast and without changes, the current state won’t be sustainable. It’s critical that you have the ability to drive innovation and meet the on-demand requirements of your teams and customers, now and in the future, so you can save time, reduce OpEx and find new ways to monetize your business.

This situation is no different than the one my sister’s home renovation challenge. If your business needs updated technology to drive faster innovation that’s not being delivered, then you won’t be able grow your business or keep up with the pace of change. Regardless of if you’re trying to extend wireless coverage across indoor and outdoor campus facilities, provide connectivity to various IoT devices, or inform doctors’ decisions of a patient’s status with real-time data, your connectivity solutions shouldn’t stand in your way. If your technology no longer meets your growing needs, then it may be time for a remodel. 

Reconstruct Your Connectivity Solutions

Private 5G networks provide the ultra-reliable low latency and high performing operations that are needed to drive your business forward. Legacy private LTE or Wi-Fi solutions serve a purpose, but they lack the capacity to keep up with your business in new ways. By renovating your existing solutions, you empower your business to improve performance through enhanced connectivity, data collection, security and control across multiple locations to create a truly connected enterprise.

Today’s private 5G solutions are open and disaggregated, which offer significant benefits to your business, however the amount of technology providers can seem overwhelming to work with. There’s also the added challenge of managing the environment. A lot of internal teams lack the skills to manage operations and the cost and time to educate them can quickly become burdensome. Similar to beginning the remodel of your dreams, building a…

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