Battlefield 2042 faces an uphill battle against cheats and hacks: Here’s why

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Battlefield 2042 cheats are already being sold online, months before the game launches.

A website called IWantCheats (real subtle, huh?) claims to be carrying several cheats and hacks for the upcoming first-person shooter. These could give players unfair advantages using tools such as Aimbot (automated aiming) or Cheat Radar (filters info like player locations).

As reported by Charlie Intel, the devious website makes bold claims about how using these hacks is safe to entice people to spend their money. 

“Safety and undetectability are top priorities for IWantCheats. Our Battlefield 2042 Hack is confirmed to be undetected, as we always update the second a new patch comes out from the developer,” the site reads.

Unfortunately, the tactics appear to be working as the site claims to have 1.2 million registered users who haven’t been banned before. There is no way for us to verify that number, so take it with a shake or two of salt. 

Cheating and hacking is a troubling trend in the gaming industry spurred by a small group of gamers who ruin the fun for others to make themselves appear more skilled than they really are. The goal for some is to reach pro-gamer status while others inflate their stats to unlock new items. Whatever the case, those who are caught risk being banned for life. 

Since its launch, Call of Duty has permanently banned 300,000 players, 60,000 of which were flagged in February alone for using cheat software. In August, Apex Legends banned 2,000 players for using a cheat that made them face lower-ranked players. 

Hack and cheat methods are becoming more sophisticated, making it harder for game devs to snuff out those who break the rules. Let’s hope DICE and EA are keeping a close eye on websites like this one, and getting ready to wage war against them. 

Battlefield 2042 arrives on October 22 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. 

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