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In response to ever-changing consumer demand, retail organizations must re-imagine existing business models and reinvent the in-store and online customer experience. Offerings such as ‘buy online and pick up in-store’ or ‘curbside delivery’ have become essential parts of the customer journey for any retail business. Delivering frictionless omnichannel shopping experiences that give the shopper more control over when, where and how they shop is key.

In this new retail era, there is a great opportunity for players in the industry to scale up and thrive. Those who invest in cutting-edge technology and business transformation will be at the forefront of this revolution. Whether it’s providing inventory browsing capabilities while customers peruse the store or implementing innovative data-driven models to optimize supply chains that prioritize customer needs, organizations need trusted technology partners to help them anticipate, execute and succeed in today’s retail world.

That is where Dell APEX solutions for Retail can help. It provides seamless integration and flexibility with existing infrastructure, allowing retailers to scale quickly and remain competitive by ensuring the right resources are at the right place at the right time.

An abundant amount of data flows through all touchpoints in the retail industry, therefore, retailers require comprehensive, extensible and simplified on-demand solutions to collect, store and use this data. Dell APEX for Retail enables organizations to unleash their full potential by helping them adopt modern infrastructure that offers consolidation. With Dell APEX, companies can analyze data to innovate and automate processes and services throughout the value chain with flexibility and agility.

Why Dell APEX for Retail

Dell APEX for Retail allows organizations to:

    • Simplify IT Operations by leveraging modernized data centers to enable workload innovation, consolidation and mobility for a data-driven retail business. Utilizing Dell APEX Custom Solutions to grow and scale workloads with on-prem and multicloud capabilities allows a true retail transformation and fosters innovation and personalization.
    • Modernize Supply chain and Distribution by implementing a flexible, scalable and agile IT environment that improves efficiencies and meets the growing needs of a retail supply chain. Deploying as-a-service solutions with pay-as-you-go capabilities across the business infrastructure reduces lost productivity hours, deployment time and overall cost of operations. Establish a fully integrated digital supply chain with smart warehousing and process management, inventory management, supply and demand planning and resource planning capabilities on-prem or on the cloud with Dell APEX Cloud Services.
    • Secure Workforce Transformation by enabling virtualization solutions with Dell APEX for VDI for deployment, scalability, security, management and support to enable workforce flexibility and facilitate…

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