Adopting multicloud and overcoming common challenges 


Eighty-three percent of businesses will have implemented multicloud by 2023 1. Thus, your organization is probably on the spectrum between having already adopted multicloud and looking to implement such a strategy soon. And while much has been said about the promise of mutlicloud, the truth is that making the move to multicloud can lead to more challenges. 

Combining multiple environments, each with their own unique set of tools and services, can lead to head-spinning amounts of complexity. We know just how difficult this is to get right – but know also that you are not alone in your challenges.   

To help us better understand the potential roadblocks of mutlicloud, and how to help solve these challenges, we asked an analyst from Forrester to share their research. In the webinar below, we discuss the cloud challenges facing businesses today, and how you can overcome these barriers to finding value in multicloud. 

Multicloud momentum 

In the beginning, different models of cloud existed – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc. The cloud ecosystem has since shifted away from these aaS categories and is now a collection of applications and services. This means that organizations may need to procure applications, development services, analytics services like AI/ML, and traditional infrastructure – no wonder this is complex!  

But because cloud is critical to organizations, business leaders need to piece together an ecosystem of these different services to meet their unique needs. Some organizations stitch together services to combine their best-of capabilities. Others mitigate outage risks by consuming services from multiple vendors.  

No matter the reasoning behind these choices, the result is the same: using multiple cloud vendors leads to multicloud. But as previously discussed, this can lead to some unintended challenges.  

Multiple clouds, multiple challenges 

To better understand these challenges, Dell commissioned Forrester to survey IT decision-makers and their findings indicate that many are encountering the same sorts of roadblocks with multicloud. These include2:

  • Difficulty managing data (31% of respondents) 
  • Difficulty addressing a lack of team knowledge or expertise (27%)  
  • Increasing compliance issues and defects/bugs (27%) 
  • Difficulty managing across public and private cloud platforms (26%) 
  • Lengthy development cycles (26%)  

This complexity is often the side effect of combining multiple environments (each of which often operates differently) without a consistent management experience to unify operations. As a solution, Forrester research shows that a single management experience across public and private cloud platforms can help address some of the complexity of multicloud3.

Multicloud made simple 

With a single management experience, organizations can design a more efficient multicloud that drives value for the business. Multicloud by design means this consistent management cloud experience is available…

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