A Payment Solution for the Circular Economy


When it comes to technology, our customers often grapple with three key challenges: cost, sustainability and security. It’s rare to find a solution that can address all three. However, Dell Technology Rotation* does. Dell Technology Rotation is a payment solution** that allows organizations to implement regular IT refresh cycles that save on costs of managing aging systems, realize multiple operational and business benefits – including security updates- and contribute to sustainability goals.

The Circular Economy

Dell Technology Rotation embodies the increasingly important concept of the circular economy. Today, industry and tangible goods are set up as a series of linear processes. Goods are produced, used and then discarded, creating a one-way stream that is rapidly increasing waste. In turn, waste is becoming unmanageable and snowballing into other climate change challenges.

By contrast, the circular economy – commonly viewed as one of the most promising solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change – minimizes waste via the continual use of resources, such as extending the useful lifecycle of physical assets and reusing materials to eliminate waste. While leveraging the circular economy is the right thing to do, it is also highly complex for organizations because of increasingly complicated regulations and the need for a dedicated, robust process to mitigate the risk of data loss.

Dell Technology Rotation makes it easy for customers to embrace the circular economy, a powerful tool for the planet and our customers. Dell Technology Rotation is an example of Dell’s commitment to Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG). It is easy to leverage a Dell Technology Rotation strategy and its ability to contribute to the circular economy, which can help you advance your sustainability initiatives. 

Reuse and Recycle with Technology Rotation

To catalyze as much positive change as possible, Dell Technology Rotation makes sustainability simple. Through a robust end-of-term process, the burden and complexity of what to do with aging assets are completely handled by Dell Technologies. By managing the increasingly complex regulatory landscape, working with certified, electronic disposition partners globally and handling transportation, Dell Technology Rotation helps provide you with peace of mind as you progress your sustainability goals.

At the end of the agreement, you can simply return assets to Dell Financial Services where up to 95 percent of them are refurbished. The remaining are recycled in adherence with all applicable international, regional, national and local laws and conventions. Learn more in this video.

The circular economy is further supported by extending the life of the refurbished assets, giving them a second life. Many companies insist that a certain percentage of IT assets be acquired through a refurbished channel. Other companies need high-quality products, don’t need them to be “the latest…

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