A Fool’s Deep Dive – Ship of Fools is Now Available for Xbox Series X|S


Ship of Fools is an exciting and chaotic multiplayer experience that follows a shoal of adorable characters as they set sail and try to survive The Everlasting Storm and prevent the impending Aquapocalypse. It’s a must have game for friends and families looking to cast off into the roguelike genre, so grab a second player (either on the couch or on the other side of the world) and ride the stormy seas but be warned that Ship of Fools will put any friendship and relationship to the test!

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools is a seafaring roguelite co-op game where you play the Fools, the only creatures foolhardy enough to brave the seas around their home, the Archipelago. At its heart is The Great Lighthouse, which once protected the Archipelago but now is broken… just as a storm of malice and corruption is coming on the horizon.

The bombastic co-op combat will leave you needing to take breathers in between runs and shouting at loved ones when they accidentally throw your only good ammo off the side. While chaos reigns on deck there are more tactical choices to be made: When the Fools’ enemies are vanquished at the end of each zone, make your choice and continue charting a course through the storm. Taking inspiration from games like Faster Than Light, sail straight into danger and plunder as much loot as possible before hitting the stormy unknown.

Ship of Fools

While playing Ship of Fools, the music transports you to the inky blue waters of the Archipelago, with a main theme heavily inspired by sea shanties that further echo the co-op gameplay. Each level is one big music track that adapts and changes, building up to a wave-crashing crescendo of panic throughout the most action-packed parts. The soundtrack formed the basis for the incredible sea shanty written by the developers and composed by The Longest Johns, which is featured on the official Ship of Fools launch trailer.

Ship of Fools

Sure, stopping the Aquapocalypse is a scary prospect, but that doesn’t mean Ship of Fools is terrifying to behold! In fact, the game was in pre-production for an extended time to ensure the developers honed a unique art style that carefully walks the plank between cute and weird (which they’ve definitely achieved!) Doing away with graphical fakery, the team also used 2D sprites and animated them as 3D meshes, allowing them to use the Z axis in engine; additionally, some of Ship of Fools’ game mechanics were designed around the art direction to ensure the fun experience of taking on the great leviathans of the deeps looks as good as it plays!

Ship of Fools

So, are you fool enough to brave the storm-ridden Archipelago, hold back The Everlasting Storm, and prevent the oncoming Aquapocalypse? Check out Ship of Fools on Xbox Series X|S today.

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