6 Things You Need to Know About The DioField Chronicle



  • Command the Blue Fox mercenary group in real-time tactical battles.
  • Play through a story full of action and intrigue.
  • Experience diorama-style visuals and stunning music by Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell (“Game of Thrones”)

An epic new strategy RPG has arrived — The DioField Chronicle is available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Set in a world of intrigue and turmoil, the game features deeply strategic real-time battles, diorama-style visuals, and stunning music. Whether you’re an experienced SRPG veteran or brand new to the genre, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. Read on and I’ll tell you six key things you need to know about it.

It tells an epic, sweeping tale of war and honor

If you like games with sweeping, hard-hitting stories, you’ll love The DioField Chronicle. The game is set in a unique world that fuses fantasy, medieval and modern-day influences. This land is not a peaceful one – the entire continent has been ravaged by a devastating war between the Empire and the Alliance. Despite this turmoil, one nation has remained unaffected – the Kingdom of Alletain on DioField Island.

Alletain is rich in Jade – a precious material that’s prized for its use as a base ingredient in sorcery. Something so valuable will inevitably draw attention, and as the conflict between Empire and Alliance escalates, both turn their gaze towards the island. War is coming to DioField… with the Kingdom of Alletain caught in the middle.

Amid the flames and chaos, an elite band of mercenaries emerges that call themselves Blue Fox. This small group of warriors will come to shape the fate of DioField… and the world itself. It’s an expansive tale that’s full of drama and epic moments… but it also remembers that it’s the characters that really matter. Speaking of which…

It’s full of memorable characters

You take control of the Blue Fox mercenaries and follow these fascinating, flawed heroes through their many battles. Allow us to introduce the four heads of the team:

Andrias Rhondarson Image

Andrias Rhondarson

Andrias is calm, cool, and a highly resourceful leader. He has studied strategy and tactics, and is well-versed in the Ancient Sorcery that has been passed down on DioField through the generations.

When he was young, he caught the eye of a nobleman who recognized something special within him. He trained as a soldier, ultimately becoming the chamberlain and bodyguard of Prince Levantia Shaytham.

But when disaster strikes and Levantia is attacked by assassins, Andrias’ life is thrown into turmoil – and a new path presents itself.

Fredret Lester Image

Fredret Lester

Fredret is so big, buff, and burly that you might assume he’d serve as an infantryman. Instead, however, he opts to leverage his superb riding skills and freely gallops around the battlefield on horseback.

He’s known Andrias since childhood, and the two have gone through many life-threatening situations…

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