1More’s new SonoFlow LDAC headphones get 50 hours of play


1More has hit a milestone with its first pair of over-ear headphones. The new SonoFlow headphones take advantage of the LDAC codec and get impressive battery life to keep you listening for hours on end.

1More has been around the block a few times, producing some of our favorite pairs of earbuds like the 1More Comfobuds mini and EVOs. Now, the company is ready to dole out a new pair of cans with a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

The 1More SonoFlow headphones are something you don’t see all too often in a market chock-full or wireless earbuds. That being the case, these new headphones try to offer something a lot of earbuds can’t – Hi-Res audio with a huge battery to back it up.

Packed in the new 1More headphones is a huge battery that boasts around 70 hours of listening time without ANC being turned on. With ANC, you can still get around 50 hours with a 1:1 minute-to-hour ratio charging speed, which means just five minutes on a charger can get you five hours of playback.

If somehow you’re able to kill the battery life on the SonoFlows, 1More includes a 3.5mm cable for inline listening.

Powered by that huge battery is a pair of 40mm dynamic drivers with a diamond-like composite diaphragm, meant to contribute to deep bass that doesn’t drown out the mids and highs as some headphones can. In our brief testing of the 1More SonoFlow headphones, there’s a clear-cut difference in low frequencies and highs, where neither overlaps each other. That is, given that you turn LDAC on.

In addition to those huge drivers, the SonoFlow headphones are capable of receiving LDAC audio. The LDAC codec is one of the better codecs you can use with the Bluetooth 5.0 these headphones run, transmitting several times more data than the standard SBC codec. Within the 1More app, you need to enable LDAC before you can expect to hear decent audio. With it turned on, the overall sound profile sounds really good for the price point.

As far as unique features go, these are pretty slim. They do have basic multi-point connectivity for listening on multiple Android devices at one time, which can come in handy if you want to use these in the office with multiple phones or tablets.

One thing I found while using the SonoFlow headphones from 1More is the effect ANC has on the sound itself. In many of the headphones and earbuds we’ve tested, the thing that always has an effect on sound quality is noise cancellation, which generally distorts audio to some extent. With what 1More brands “QuietMax Intelligent Noise Cancellation,” there’s no noticeable distortion of the audio that I can tell. With that said, the ANC performance is good as well, cutting out most of the outside world.

If there’s one thing we’d have to gripe about, it would be the build quality. The SonoFlow headphones have a plastic build that feels a little stiff. They’re generally comfortable in short sessions, though super-longterm listening may not be as comfortable; they do,…

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